winds of change.

help me, i’m alive, give me a healthy heavy drink of reality, with a chaser of oxygen. you’re all tears and slurs, your chest beating like a frightened animal, i find myself alongside yourself in this time and place arranged, i look into your eyes, the sun rises in the background and i am greeted by morning breeze that runs chills through my 3am bed hair. please be tomorrow, a crack of dawn and morning sunrise fills through the cracks in the window, our house on the sand,  and i stand there naked begging ‘please be the winds of change, please be the winds of change.’ we’re just blown downstream, we’re just holding hands, we’re just chasing dreams, but you’re drunk and smell of cigarettes and next week you won’t want to be a part of this adventure, you’re just a brief infatuation, you’re just a scent in the wind. i leave you covered in a blanket on the sofa.


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