against cold porcelin white of the plaster wall, or in morning warmth of a steaming shower, nought left but kiss-red-lips and used sheets, the shine of salt-sweet-sweat in your rapturous hair, with hands in my back and your kiss on the lips. the smell of closeness, intimacy, skin to skin is the only way forward, as sunlight creeps through cracks in bedroom curtains and covers thrown to the floor due to the heat, the room all gasps and moans, iloveyous and iwantyous..

…panting and

heavy breathing

like the room is full of steam, after a long run all sweaty, hot and high on dopomine and endorphins, your curves on my tongue and lips, my teeth gently in your skin, grazing and nibbling, right now i’m all fingers and tongues, we are melting in eachother’s touch.

we’d be merely blunt instruments, but this is the beauty of intimacy. head on my chest, telling eachother secrets of the night, i stroke your hair and you fall asleep, your words becoming dreamier and longer, echoing in ethereal reverbaration, your hand on my side, another on my breast.


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