the memories fire, the rhythms fall slow.

next to the title of my blog, you’ll notice nothing here can be considered accurate or reliable. this means that generally what i am writing about is made up and fictitious. i don’t like to blog about my own life, but after watching 500 days of summer yesterday, i thought it would be cool to do. would be an interesting experiment. this post is not made up and is not fictitious.

if by some small miracle, You come across this post, please do not be freaked out by it. I was interested in doing this as an experiment, and my recent interactions with You seemed like a good basis for this.


(1) Boy meets Girl in a modern fashion. He sees Her on people you may know and adds Her, having met Her last year, when they clicked. He had a girlfriend. She was free and single. they start talking again and find out they have a lot in common. if such a thing can exist over the internet, there is instant chemistry. both of them are single.

(13) they go for a coffee date. He takes her this nice little place in the arcades of cardiff. He has a black coffee. She has a latte. He pays. they talk about random things; She says she wonders if she has ocd. She plays with her hair and smiles nervously. He cannot believe how cute she looks. She asks how long He has played guitar, if He can play any jeff buckley. He can. after a while, they leave, and wander aimlessly around town. after a while She invites him back to his. on the way home they talk rubbish again. nothing big or small. by the time they arrive at Hers, they are holding hands. in Her room, they lie on the bed looking through her music, listening to the doors. He raises the courage to kiss Her. it’s at this point, he realises that He really quite likes Her. She says She hopes He hasn’t got to leave anytime soon. they kiss for hours.

(37) goes on a night out with His house mates. goes to the bar and She appears behind him. they make awkward conversation. She bets She can get served before Him. She does. He sees Her later dancing with another man. He wishes He didn’t care.

(9) awake in the morning. She apologies for the state of her eyeliner. it’s smugged. some of it is on his face also. He tells Her He does not care; She still looks really cute. He has to go to sort out university stuff. He is tired and wishes He could stay with Her. kisses Her goodbye by the front door. on the way home, He cannot stop smiling.

(20) He wakes up in Her bed, unsure as to how the night ended. She wakes up a bit after, very hungover. He gets Her some water, and has to go to university so leaves. He notices a love bite on Her neck, but She says it’s okay. later in the day, She texts him, angry at the bite that has gotten worse. He goes over with arnica and beroca tablets for her hangover later. She has been sick all day, and He has no idea how She is going to react to Him coming over. they cuddle for hours and talk. Her hangover goes away, and they still sit around chatting. He tells Her He is glad they did not sleep together during their first night together. She agrees. eventually He has to go. they kiss by the door. He reminds Her of the first time He stayed over, kissing in the morning. She smiles, says it was nice.

(11) She texts him late at night, saying what a rubbish day she has had. after a while, He suggests they go for a coffee sometime. She says that would be amazing.

(31) awakes early with the nearest thing to hangover He has had in months. feels awful. His house mates say He looks depressed. She texts him later, apologising. saying She doesn’t want anything ‘full on’. neither does He, but He knows whatever was there has come to an end.

(19) house party at Her’s. He arrives late with His best mate. everyone is drunk. She is djing the party from Her room, totally enamored and distracted with Her music. He and His best mate socialise in the mean time. He pops his head in from time to time and sees some guy being very close to Her. his hand is on Her leg. He gets very paranoid and drunk, and nearly leaves. His best mate comes back and tells Him that She has been talking loads about Him at university. apparently She really likes Him. at this point the party is dying out. He goes to see Her. they talk. She starts crying because She misses Her family. He comforts her. She tells Him that She wants to share things She has never shared before with anyone. He thinks things with Her are progressing. they kiss. cut to black.

(36) He is out for His friend’s birthday. He ends up kissing the birthday girl. goes back to her’s. they sit about cuddling for a while. do not sleep together, and He leaves at half four in the morning, glad that His life has taken on some semblance of simplicity again. She texts Him late asking if He is out. She is drunk and walking home alone. His phone runs out of battery. texts Her when He gets home. asks Her to text Him when She is home, even if She does not want to talk to Him. She says She does.

(21-30) He barely hears from Her. She is busy with coursework. He is paranoid about the mixed messages He is getting and wants to ask what is this? becomes very melancholic. His friends keep asking what is going on. this deepens his worries.

(7) the last seven days, they have been chatting late over the internet, when they have both been online. interest grows. He knows she is only recently single, but after months of being single, and not particularly caring about meeting anyone, suddenly He is rather interested in someone. Her. He says He is going to be out the following night, She says She will be also. She is forward and asks for His mobile number, which He enthusiastically gives.

(16) they go for another coffee. it is snowing. She is christmas shopping and is tired and quiet. they wander around town for a while, before He invites Her over for dinner. they go via Her’s, drop Her shopping off. She potters around Her room for ages, putting things away, but He doesn’t mind. the walk back to His and He cooks Her a yellow curry. She is amazed by this; guys never cook for Her, She says. all of His house mates are there, some with their boyfriends and girlfriends too. He did not know they were going to be there, and is secretly hoping she is not freaked out by this. they end up watching blow and cuddle up together. at two in the morning, She realises She needs to go home. He walks Her home in the ice. arrives back home and passes out.

(30) He sees Her on a night out. He knew She might be there, but was not sure. goes over to say hello. Her and Her best mate run away into the crowd. He stands there drenched in confusion, as it slowly turns to anger. His friends tell Him that She is not worth it. He maintains She is. He storms off home; His best mate comes to find Him. they get chips.

(8) He arrives home from work and starts pre-drinking. He is tired, but wants to go out and see if this girl is as awesome in real life. checks His emails and finds a message from Her, seeing if He is going out, and has a text giving Him Her number. He dresses up, and leaves with His friends. later, arriving at the club, He looks around and cannot see Her. goes to the bar for cheap drinks, shots and cheap spirits are consumed. everyone is drunk and happy. after a while He catches Her out of the corner of his eye; or He thinks it’s Her. is too shy to go up and talk to Her. goes back to the bar with His best mate, who asks if He’s seen Her yet. He lies and says no. He looks over His best mate’s shoulder and sees Her standing next to them at the bar, with Her best mate. His best mate asks Her if She is Her. Boy and Girl start talking. She tells him he smells nice. they go and dance. after a while, they kiss. His mates leave, Her mate wanders off, leaving them together. they kiss some more, and eventually leave to go to Hers. on the way home, they hold each other close in the autumn cold and talk. upon arriving at hers, they end up in bed together, but He does not want to sleep with her. they are both drunk, and they agree it’s nice to have ‘this’ again. there is intimacy, they talk for a few hours and they fall asleep.

(34) He knows He has just been a rebound. She needs to be free,needs time to figure herself out. needs to get over her arsehole ex-boyfriend. has no idea what She was doing. maybe wanted some normality, comfort or control. does not want or need a boyfriend in Her life.  He knows that, probably, nothing will happen. He wishes He hadn’t gotten His hopes up. He wishes they had met when She was okay. He is the right man, at the wrong time.


6 thoughts on “the memories fire, the rhythms fall slow.

  1. I really like this, especially its honesty. Sometimes the truth makes for a better ‘story’ and your interpretation of 500 Days… makes it all the more enjoyable. Can I ask though, why do you start some sentences uncapitalised? You obviously do it on purpose, so I’m intrigued to know the reasons!

    • the entire thing is meant to be uncapitalised, aside from the names of the Boy and the Girl (He and She). i was trying to keep it vague and not use pseudonyms, so keeping to He and She capitalised seemed like a good idea

  2. Also a fan of 500 Days of Summer, I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you. I love how open you are about the emotions of the moment be it confusion/joy/sadness/anger. Raw and yet poetic I would say. 🙂 Keep going! 🙂

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